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The Covent Garden Dance Company are currently looking for fundraisers and supporters for their productions.
If you think that you might be able to support us or work with us to help raise finance for any of our productions then please contact us through our ‘Support us’ page. As a company we offer a wide range of opportunities for sponsors and investors that not only support our major productions but also schemes that give opportunity to young and emerging creatives to flourish.

The Dicky Buckle Fund is a not for profit vehicle and was inspired by one of England’s most promising young talents. The fund has been named in tribute to the wonderfully colourful Richard Buckle, critic, author and exhibitor.

The fund is presided over by: Sir Henry and Lady Rumbold, Charles Graham QC, The Honourable Charlotte Bingham and Wilfrid Laugher and the Honourable Alice Bethal and The Lord Clanmorris and Lady Clanmorris (TBC 2nd Feb).

As a company we have been approached on a number of occasions by people and companies who enquired if we would consider commissioning shorter works that they could sponsor or support.  Many individuals had expressed an interest in ‘clubbing together small amounts’ and sponsoring a work (or buying a leg). 

We felt as a company we needed to find unique and interesting ways of encouraging people to become involved in the creative process. Thus the concept was born.  Companies and individuals can now support us with small amounts and enjoy involvement in the creative process as well as seeing their support brought to life.  We offer multiple benefits to companies and individuals for sponsorship or investment of a work. These range from corporate and VIP hospitality to studio visits and brand acknowledgement within the event literature and much more.

All monies committed to the fund are channelled directly to the creatives and creative process.  All accounts are presided over by and governed by the steering committee.
As a company and in light of the huge cuts to arts funding we felt that we needed to also be creative in our initiatives to raise funding and our profile. We needed to broaden our creative palate and not only be pursue finance and support for our larger projects but to also go back to basics and nurture creative ambitions of a broad artistic nature with small affordable budgets. These works are designed to be showcased in a gala format in first class theatres as well as at smaller venues and events.

It is by these means that more creatives get a greater opportunity to present their work. This benefits the entire creative food chain, from dancers and designers to production staff and of course the audience.

It is the aim of the fund to raise £50,000 + each year and to commission new works by young creatives whose work will be presented alongside commissions by more established names.

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Download the Dicky Buckle Chroreograph Fund Brief here (PDF File 80kb in size)


Over 100 people visit to our website every day, if every visitor donated £5 to the fund in a week we would have enough to commission a short work and in a month a major one. If you would like to make a donation to The Dicky Buckle Fund now you can do so by using the PayPal service button. It is quick simple and secure and we will write back to you to thank you and register you for our newsletter to keep you in the loop of our progress. (The Dicky Buckle Fund is not a charity.)

Support the Fund

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